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Auto Scrubbing

f your concrete floor requires the most thorough cleaning or coating services available, then Starlight Janitorial Services is your best bet. We provide auto-scrubbing, power scrubbing, solvent cleaning, power washing, steam cleaning, coating, sealing or densifying of all commercial, industrial, or warehouse spaces. Our cleaning technicians and rider autoscrubber equipment will produce the best results on your toughest jobs. Starlight Janitorial Services have been successfully providing industrial, commercial corporate and warehouse cleaning services to the business community throughout San Diego. Our finely tuned, engineer-managed staff will provide your facility with the most thorough auto-scrubbing as well as all other amazingly cost effective, trouble-free cleaning and building maintenance services.

Concrete Floor Cleaning and Coatings Division

In addition to our cleaning services, we can apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, treatments, penetrating sealants and coatings.

Office and Warehouse Janitorial Services Divisions

If you deal with plant maintenance anywhere in the tri-state area, you will confront special, heavy-duty industrial cleaning problems every day. Let Starlight Janitorial Services help you with complete auto-scrubbing, as well as complete industrial cleaning, or specialties such as HEPA industrial vacuuming, concrete floor sealing or repair, pressure washing, steam cleaning, process equipment degreasing, regulatory cleaning and sanitizing.

If you’re a facility manager, you will be faced with special cleaning needs. Call us for concrete floor auto-scrubbing and sealing; overhead and ceiling cleaning; cobweb removal; complete blowdowns; HEPA vacuuming; light fixture cleaning; air vent cleaning; janitorial services for cleaning warehouses, public bathrooms, locker rooms, and office areas; chemical and ink removal; sick building sanitizing; odor removal; industrial allergen neutralization; and certified mold remediation. If your building of any type is dirty or has a special need, call us to clean, maintain, sanitize, or remediate it.

Cal, us for a free quote. You’ll be happy you did.