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Carpet Extraction

When it comes to carpet cleaning, proper extraction is the most thorough method possible. At Starlight janitorial Services, we offer hot water extraction also known as steam extraction. Our steam extraction services can restore the dirtiest, matted and neglected carpeting to “like new” condition. We ensure that you receive the highest standards of carpet cleaning by following the five (5) fundamental principles of carpet care. Below is a brief overview of the carpet extraction process.

  1. The first initial step is to fully vacuum your carpeting to be serviced. We use commercial vacuuming equipment to remove the dry, damaging, abrasive particulate soil found in carpets and rugs.
  2. Next, we pre-treat and pre-spray all your carpeting with specialized extraction solutions. This step prepares and creates suspension of the oily soils for proper removal via extraction method during the rinse step which follows.
  3. We next use our state of the art extraction equipment to rinse the carpeting of all soils, previous soaps and cleaning solutions. This process maximizes cleanliness and yields the benefits of minimized re-soiling once complete.
  4. After the extraction service is complete, our next priority is to dry your carpets fast. We accomplish this by controlling the indoor air temperature by utilizing special fans called air movers.
  5. Finally, we groom your carpets to further improve drying time and deliver maximum appearance.

If you’re considering costly carpet replacement instead of carpet cleaning, call us today to schedule an evaluation by a certified carpet cleaning professional.

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