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Restroom Sanitation

Most office owners can assume that the bathroom receives the most traffic and requires more upkeep than any other room in the building.  The condition of the bathroom will always leave an impression on clients and business associates.  Unfortunately, this means if the restrooms are not properly maintained and thoroughly cleaned, your business will be represented poorly.  For these reasons, your commercial bathroom cleaning should only be entrusted to a janitorial company that provides service of the highest quality – every time.  The experts at Starlight Janitorial Services have a few tips regarding commercial cleaning services for the restroom in your facility.

Don’t underestimate the value of a spotless restroom!

Bathroom maintenance is much more than refilling paper products and soap dispensers.  The janitorial service provider that cares for your bathroom must be able to sanitize the entire bathroom and have the appropriate tools and cleaning supplies to do so.  Each member of the professional service teams at Starlight Janitorial Services receives comprehensive training to ensure that every cleaning service a client receives is superb.  Our unique Team Clean approach designates one team member to perform the same tasks each time they service a facility – this means that the same person will always clean the bathroom, the floors, and so on.  Each member is an expert in their own area! That is the Team Clean difference!

Commercial bathroom cleaning should include a thorough cleaning and sanitation of all bathroom fixtures, including the inside and outside of toilets and urinals.  In addition to cleaning the toilets themselves, the stalls or cubicles surrounding the toilets must also be sanitized.  The cleaning service should also take care of the entire sink area, sanitizing the sinks, the area around the sinks, paper towel dispensers, and mirrors.  Many janitorial services do not take measures to avoid cross contamination – perhaps they use the same rags on the bathroom fixtures and the entryway.  The bacterial buildup in the restroom should remain in the restroom! Equipment for the purpose of restroom cleaning should be kept entirely separate from the equipment used to maintain the rest of the facility.  Bathroom maintenance should also include the removal of all trash and liner replacement.

Proper bathroom maintenance doesn’t end with the toilets and sinks.  Every cleaning should include sweeping and mopping the entire restroom floor.  Again, it is essential that precautions are taken to avoid cross contamination.  The bathroom floor also requires unique cleaning products to effectively combat bacteria and provide adequate sanitation.  Continuous maintenance of the restroom floor will keep the floors looking newer and make the restroom a much more sanitary environment.

Starlight Janitorial Services provides exceptional commercial cleaning and janitorial services.  Our Team Clean approach ensures that each area of your facility is cleaned with a thorough knowledge and an eye for detail and perfection.  We believe that the quality of your business is heavily reliant on proper maintenance and janitorial care.  That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services each time we enter your facility.  Contact us today!