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Scrubbing & ReCoating

A specialty of Starlight Janitorial Services is stripping/waxing and scrubbing/recoating VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring. Starlight Janitorial Services brings new life to old floors and keeps them looking new with an elite maintenance program.

New tile flooring is beautiful until the grout becomes dirty and unsightly, and the floor loses its sparkle. Our grout restoration experts will clean and seal the old grout to keep it looking new. Starlight Janitorial Services will bring new life to your old tile floor with a professional cleaning and polish. Your old tile will look shiny, new and perfectly maintained.

There’s nothing like the look and feel of hardwood floors – until they’re dull, scratched, and dirty. Starlight Janitorial Services will scrub, clean and reseal hardwood floors, giving them new life. In addition to VCT, grout, and hardwood, Starlight Janitorial Services also revitalizes the concrete surfaces in your facility by scrubbing, staining and sealing.