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Knowing you is our priority. Knowing what you want, what frustrates you, what you love to see in a service provider and what results you expect to see upon completion has been our goal that has been achieved and continues to be refined. How did we do that?

Innovation, Quantification, Orchestration.

Innovating methods of job plan execution for greater efficiency and documenting all aspects of such.

Quantifying the results on similar structures and upon success, Orchestrating the system. That is our secret. This is the glue that keeps morale of our team members high.

This is what provides consistency each and every time your window cleaning service, or your rain gutter cleaning service is performed. For instance; wouldn’t you like to have a photo of your window cleaning crew, with detailed profiles (first and last names, limited personal details and background) sent to your email before they arrive so you at least know who is in your home or on your building’s property? Sound like a great idea?

Services available to you that Starlight Janitorial Services offers are:

  • Commercial Window Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Glass Restoration Services
  • Rain Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Services (with water reclamation)
  • Budget Season Estimates (24 hour turn around)

Sick of your rain gutter cleaning service provider pressure washing mud and rocks out of your gutters creating more of a mess than they’re supposed to be cleaning?

Every one of these services are used by San Diego’s top property management companies who demand nothing less than the best.

H.O.A.’s and property managers never need to wonder if the scope of work has been complete. Updates and reports are automatically sent to you, or not-if that is what you request.

From being as invisible to your tenants as humanly possible to the meticulous details achieved with the window cleaning done at your home to the high quality uniforms worn by our servicemen, consistent quality is the end result every single time. How is this done with consistency? By the always evolving systems that are being updated every single month.

No longer is our industry a “luxury service”. Due to the efforts and successful creation of efficiency systems in the field, our bottom line has been lowered. In turn, so have our prices!

Starlight Janitorial Services Window Washing takes absolute pride in the quality of work all of our team members produce. Each project any of our team members have been a part of, they’ll proudly let you know what building’s they’ve been on.

There are many articles on this site that can help you in many ways; from choosing the best company to learning how to do it on your own. These articles can also be of benefit to other window cleaners either here in the San Diego area or anywhere else to be able to add a greater level of professionalism, experience with the latest technology and tools or more efficient methods to their skill set.

The following information is about  how we can benefit you, what we do, who we are, and most importantly how we can save you money.

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